The school attaches prime importance to empower children with cognitive skills required to keep pace with ever changing and evolving trends. The curriculum is designed to equip our children with the dexterity of hand and vigilance of mind and inculcate in them a high moral fibre, a spirit of inquiry and scientific temper to give them the competitive edge and appeal to their higher sensibilities.

Even though every child follows the general curriculum and framework, they are also encouraged to pursue their talents and interests in areas of academics, sports, theatre music, dance and other co-curricular activities. Whereas the pre-primary and primary curriculum ensures the growth and development of aptitude of each child by giving him or her a practical hands-on approach to the real world which awaits them. The middle and senior school lets the students become independent in their choices and confident in their self study. The preparation for the Board exams is enhanced by unique consultation with subject experts and relevant research and project work. An intensive Career Orientation Programme ensures that the students are in touch with the new trends in higher education that can help them attain their future goals. The student centered teaching methodology includes the deeply rooted and time tested student friendly approach which works in harmony with state of art technology and modern teaching techniques.

To evolve the idea of technology as an effective teaching aid and learning tool, each lab and resource centre is provided with the latest and the best equipment.

Each of the Science, Maths and Computer labs is fully equipped to let students explore and analyse the frontiers of knowledge.