Community Service

What good is education that teaches not the values of love, care, compassion and to substantiate all that, benevolence? Benevolence, philanthropy, kindness: these are indeed the qualities that make a true man of a gentleman and a worthy woman of a worldly lady. It is of utmost importance to teach our children the need to always be generous enough to give back, willfully, as a gesture of thankfulness for their good fortune, a small portion of whatever they might have, to the humanity at large, mostly to some really needy and unfortunate members of the society. In the wake to train our students in Community Service and care for the society, routine camps where the students themselves give away items of food, clothing and medicinal supplies to the poor, are held at times here at GDGPS, encouraging the whole school, students and the staff members alike to partake with joy and realize for themselves, how it, indeed feels to disburse delight and bring a smile upon a face repeatedly taunted by the pangs of utter misery.

Man as we are told is a social being. We cannot survive on our own no matter how fortunate we believe ourselves to be. We need the people around us, the society around us in order to exist, nurture and grow into distinct individuals. Therefore, it should be our lookout that the society we live in is as healthy as we imagine or want it to be. The children who come to GDGPS get to learn that from a very young age. They are made aware of “the joy of giving” as an essential part of their education so that later on when they are at the helm of their own social circles they will not only be recognized as meticulous professionals but also as one genuinely good hearted human beings.

Character Building

Building character qualities like honesty, compassion and determination are a growing component of scholastic programs as well as co-curricular programmes for children. Character education is one of the various aspects of growing up children that needs special care and attention in our fast paced, modern day society in which morals are fast disappearing amongst individuals. Classrooms in the school have lists of character traits that we want our students to learn and practice. The best way for children to learn these kinds of traits is through projects and activities that give them opportunities to demonstrate and practice them.

Shaping their character and giving them all possible opportunities to mould their character is an integral part of schooling. We produce the leaders of tomorrow and we endeavor to make each student a good citizen.

Value and Culture

Moral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern an individual’s behavior and choices. Our feelings and thoughts positively or negatively affect every cell of our bodies.So we elucidate our students by ensuring that their culture is represented in the classroom through suitable behavior stemming out of values gained over a period of time. It is also a key to the fact that these students know that their teachers care about them and have the highest regard for their learning. In this dynamic age of globalization our children are constantly getting exposed to a large variety of cultures and societies. The world has shrunk to a global village. It is important for us to teach our children to appreciate other cultures and learn to work in a multi cultural environment with its own set of challenges.

Pastoral Care

Commitment to the welfare of our children , their proper growth and development is what we strive for in our daily endeavours both inside and outside the school campus. Pastoral care is an integral component of our school. A good pastoral system is the foundation of a holy and a happy child. Education becomes meaningful in a school when the child is happy and has a sense of well being. This will instil in him the confidence that he requires to achieve and move forward.

Our pastoral system encourages children to talk to teachers about various issues encircling their lives. Our pastoral system encompasses a wide variety of issues essential for the proper growth and development of a child. In our interaction the teacher encourages students to talk and express their opinion on various issues and the entire group provides all the support and encouragement one needs. The teacher responsible for pastoral care takes great care to provide all the emotional support a student needs to cope up with the stressful modern life. Discussions are frequently held on social and moral issues.